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tv   11 News at 5AM  NBC  July 30, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> good morning >> thank you for joining us. >> how is the weather? >> it was nice yesterday, wasn't it? >> it will be almost the same today. a couple of scattered thunderstorms the temperatures are not bad. partly cloudy. the two points -- dew points are in the upper 60s. about a 30% chance for an
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afternoon thunderstorm. we will take a look 57-day forecast. >> good morning. not that of their. course, closed, due to the ongoing water for repairs. looking good on the outer loop. 11 minutes on the west side. here is a live view of traffic. my star this monday morning. let's switch over to a life of view of traffic. overall, running smoothly. no problems to report. >> our big story this morning, the olympics.
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>> michael phelps took the silver. some other big story lines, winning gold. in synchronized diving, team usa picks up a metal as well. the big story is gordon weaver failing to qualify. >> another big line of. michael phelps wins. those for gold again. teams hitgymnastics the floor. >> while michael phelps will be in the pool tonight, he will not be in competition for any of memos. kids just one more to tie the
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record. his family is certainly keeping the faith. >> you can now focus on the comments and the negativity. that would drive you down. keep going along. >> that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. if michael phelps wins two more medals setting the all-time record, we consider him the greatest of a pin of all time? and if not, who is? >> if you caught the action last weekend, you may have noticed extra room in the stand during the events. this comes after organizers received criticism about the open seats.
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if you missed out on any of the olympic games, we have you covered. you can look at the schedule of events to see when your favorite events take place. >> and other news, will retire after 10 years as the top cop. >> he announced in may that he is retiring after 30 years on the force. during that time, the son overall drop in gun crime and the fewest number of homicides in 35 years. he was known for speaking his opinions and prefer to criminals as bad guys with guns.
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the tour of the first pitch at the orioles came yesterday. he is honored and will miss his job with the department of this also looking for worth to what he will do next. -- looking forward to what he will do next. >> something fared less stressful. i am looking forward to it. >> the city has formed a search committee to look inside and outside the current department. >> thank you. construction is set today for the race track. if it will be placed in downtown later this morning. talking a lot the parole of downtown baltimore. organizers of the race plan to begin construction at 8:00 tonight. tickets for the event are now on
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sale. >> a busy weekend for fire fighters in and around baltimore. crews got a 911 call about smoke detectors going off. the woman was rushed to the hospital to be treated quite secure hours later, they responded. they fired their started in the kitchen floor was put out in about 30 minutes. >> in the meantime, a city firefighter was rushed to the hospital where officials say he suffered burns to his hand. >> charges are still pending after police arrested a man who described himself as the joker and try to pull off a workplace. he is undergoing a psychic
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evaluation. police say he was full of guns and ammunition when they raided his apartment on friday. he continually said he was the joker and threatened to shoot everyone in the building. he was in the process of being fired. >> the suspect in the deadly colorado shooting is back in court today. >> we will tell you what is in store for the suspected gunman this morning. >> here is a live look at traffic. more on weather and traffic
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falafel from batholith 3/5 3/5 welcome back fifth -- left off of that fifth phelp double >> last week, he made his first court appearance. today, he will be back in court to be fully charged. 12 people dead, 58 others injured. he is currently being held without bail in solitary confinement.
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investigators say the truck crossed the median and struck the van traveling in the opposite direction. all of those killed inside the van. the driver and his wife were taken to the hospital. they are listed in serious condition. >> mitt romney had to poland today. before traveling there, he made a stop in israel. he is hoping for strong report from the alliance with israel. >> the time now, 5:11. if you drive a hyundai, your vehicle could be under recall. >> and nothing is free. next in the consumer alert. >> if you'll be heading out on 795, we will update you on any delays or incidents. coming out.
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>> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. this is wbal-tv 11 news today.
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>> insta-weather + and traffic pulse together. >> closures in the city to remind you of.
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other than that, of around 63 traveling southbound on i-95. we're checking in at around 66. jfx in great shape at this hour. let's give you a live view of traffic. if you'll be heading out on 795 the next few minutes, overall, a pretty smooth the ride at this hour. 95 coming down. no delays to report their. if you want head out to harbor, the area bridges checking out fine as well. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. now we check out with dave. >> good morning. we still have the diversion of the 1, 3, and 120 buses for that watermen break repair.
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the sinkhole repair. the water main break repair their. construction and buses at that park and ride. along with light rail and metro subway. back to you. >> a quiet start on this monday morning. -- not expect any weather problems for the morning commute. generally here on the east coast, a hot day more than we were in. the pieces of energy tripping around the atmosphere. right now we have cleared to partly skies in baltimore. as a lost our a little storm pop
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up in delaware. you guys might see a little passing shower. around baltimore, i think we will stay dry. you'll see a small chance of a thunderstorm in baltimore. 72 right now at the airport. the forecast for today, a mixture of some clouds. not a bad day. the high temperatures in the upper 80's. 30% chance of a thunderstorm. it will be quiet. the next is at 446 this afternoon. we will keep a slight chance for a thunderstorm in the forecast. not a whole lot is going to change. these impulses will be going
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through from time to time. this will not be a washout situation. you might have to dodge a raindrop or to from time to time. thursday and friday, a little warmer. >> in this morning's consumer alert, hyundai issuing a recall. a problem with a passenger air bag. another due to side curtain airbags that may inflate for no reason. if you own one of these vehicles, contact the manufacturer for repair. you might not have to look any further than your internet access.
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>> it seems like it's popping up weekly. master money savers say it should be a daily destination. anyone who is not taking out the advantages is missing opportunities. she brags about the websites been the reasons why she hasn't had to buy website in years. it is done so many free samples. >> typically, that is what these freebies are. >> they are sites that she says often a coupon with a free sample. >> you get to try the product. if you like it, you get to save
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a dollar or sometimes more on the full-size version. she says you should make up a dedicated e-mail address. we encourage you that's a year in boxes of flooded with all kinds of stuff. >> sometimes, at the less the free activities available in the area you live. >> bad news for drivers, but it could be worse. good morning. how are you today? >> good morning. you may have noticed, on the rise. they're not as bad as last year. the average price of a gallon of gas. that is 20 cents lower than a year ago. that is 17 cents higher than one
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month ago. crude oil prices crime -- kara -- climb. the-out staging its longest run since the january closing at 13,000 since the first time since may. it looks like we will pull back a little before the start of things today. reporting for wbal-tv 11 news. >> you probably heard about all those empty seats at the olympics. criticism there. some new information on who may be responsible for that. >> people have crowded the streets to watch the free events. the fan interest is certainly there. the problem is trying to figure which seats are empty and what to do about it. we will have more about the situation coming up in the next hour. >> the time is now 5:21.
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a disappointing weekend for michael phelps. we will have more on that and recap all the olympic events so far. >> meanwhile, to not for the 2 e-mail your answer for our water cooler question of the day. will you consider him the greatest libyan of all time? and if not, who is? share your response on
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u ve
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klaxon the u.s. swimmers are bringing home the hardware. we're joined live from london. good morning.
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>> never won a silver medal until yesterday. our golden boy takes up a silver medal, one of force to stop by u.s. swimmers. >> set a new world record time of 59: 58. had to settle for second. ibidem to the wall. brendan hampton earns a bronze medal. allison schmidt picks up a silver medal in the freestyle, setting an american record. they kept it together for the first-ever synchronize and diving medal. in women's gymnastics, team usa
5:26 am
advances to the finals. about beating out a disappointed gordon weaver. >> on the hardwood, team usa beat france. applying them tomorrow. >> what else is on schedule for today. >> we got a big day said appear. women's breast stroke going on. check at your level game coverage. >> thank you. have a good day. >> the time is now 5:26. the post office financial problems it maryland. the office is closing for good. plus -- >> baltimore's police
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commissioner is stepping down this week. details and a live report. >> showing solidarity. presidential candidates show their roots support for israel their roots support for israel
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>> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> good morning, everybody. welcome back. >> today is national cheesecake day. for those of you in the mood to indulge, you can get half-price cheesecakes slices of the cheesecake factory. >> only one slice per customer, though. sorry. >> you don't have to wait for lunch. you can have for breakfast.
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put a little bacon on it. with a nice close to the weekend yesterday, the typical day for baltimore. right now, 72 at the airports. the forecast for today, a mix of sun and clouds. we'll go to 30% chances for the thunderstorm. we come back in just a few minutes to check your forecast through the weekend. >> your morning commute, not bad at the moment. if that is where you're heading out in the next few minutes. theres an accident. reportedly, a crash. you may find some lane closures there. other than that, closures due to the water main break. 65 miles per hour and problem-
5:31 am
free on 295. further south, at 60 miles per hour. here is a live view of traffic. moving very well at this hour to and from 395. the switchover to 283 at jfx. still very light from the beltway all the way down into town at this hour. that is the very latest on traffic pulse 11. back to you. >> in just a couple of days, the tough cop will be stepping down. more details. >> good morning. the commissioner announced in may he is retiring after more than 30 years on the force. the last five, as you mentioned, the police commissioner. the police commissioner got a proper baltimore sendoff.
5:32 am
he sent the first pitch at the orioles game. he is looking forward to what he is going to do next. >> something fun and far less stressful. maybe my hair will grow back. i am looking forward to it. during that time, the city has seen a 24% drop in crime and the fewest number of homicides in 35 years. he attributes a lot of it to a change in culture. he participated in his last walk in june. during his tenure he became known for addressing crime in the city. >> i will not miss the opportunity to talk about bad guys with guns. that has been the rallying cry of food to focus on first and get the community behind.
5:33 am
get everybody's attention. >> no replacement has been named yet. he is not given any recommendations. he does have some advice. >> find somebody that feels like they are responsible for all of us. not just a part of it -- all of it. the mayor has formed a search committee to look for a replacement both inside and outside of the department. reporting live, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you. police are still investigating a weekend drowning that killed a four-year-old. someone found the boy in an above-ground pool. emergency crews rushed to hospital where he later died. police are trying to rule out any foul play. the bodies of two american climbers have been found.
5:34 am
these are some pictures that we found on their blog. they were attempting to climb a 20,000-foot tall mountain. he received a master's degree from johns hopkins university. it appears the two men fell down on the mountain. >> will close for good tomorrow. the small post office -- sure it decided to retire after officials cover hours and took away her benefits. that came as part of a cost- cutting plan to return to profitability. they're urging congress to take action on the bill as they're currently facing a $13 billion debt. the focus on the race for the white house remains overseas
5:35 am
with presidential candidate mitt romney wrapping up his foreign tour with a stop in poland today. the gop presidential hopeful spent the day in israel with leaders there. good morning. >> good morning. mitt romney showed his strong support in jerusalem. but the white house is making moves to hide its own relationship with israel. mitt romney and visited one of the important sites. the western wall in jerusalem. in his speech in israel, he emphasized the importance of preventing iran from getting nuclear weapons. >> where -- we recognize israel's right to defend itself. >> a show of solidarity. >> this president has had the strongest commitment of any u.s. president to security. >> the president made his own trip to israel and signed a bill pledging more support. >> i have made it it top
5:36 am
priority for my administration to deepen cooperation with israel. >> both candidates show that -- the president did better back in 2008 with jewish voters. their support could be important, for example, in florida. >> that would be a big change and a possible win in florida for him. >> later today, but he will meet with the prime minister and former president. >> i understand that romney held a fund-raiser in israel? >> he is out on this overseas trip. and he's also doing fundraisers. the one in israel raised about $1 million today. >> live in washington. >> the time now, 5:36.
5:37 am
>> could also be connected to the heart? we will explain. >> a more restful sleep could be on the way. more details. >> do not forget to yanase as a pure water cooler question of the day. is michael phelps said see all- time record, we consider him the greatest olympio all time? and it's not, who is? >> we are keeping tabs on the roads as you head out this morning. we will update you on tha
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>> welcome back. that should be a dry morning commute. we of a typical summer day here in baltimore. temperatures in the upper 80's. 72 at the airport. the forecast for today, a mix of sun and clouds. we'll get a 30% chance for a thunderstorm. the high temperature right around 88 degrees. when we come back and a few minutes, we will take a look at the seven-day forecast. stay with us. >> in at this morning's medical alert, some good news with those who have mild cases of sleep apnea. >> they may benefit from sleeping with a machine. it creates a positive pressure. however, a study of 200 patients, they found it was effective with treating mild to moderate apnea as well.
5:41 am
you will improve quality of life. >> hip replacements are among the most common treatments all over america. >> an increased risk of heart attack. the odds of a heart attack were strongest in the first two weeks after surgery. it could remain for up to six weeks. it was strong as for those who were 80 years old or older. >> the time is now 5:41. set the record. we will tell you what that was. take a look at the dominating performance. plus -- >> surviving the bit -- surviving the digital world. >> there is an update on your traffic when we come back. >> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today.
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with a stan stovall. your insta-weather + forecasts and sarah caldwell with traffic pulse 11. pulse 11. wb [ male announcer ] good paying jobs. better schools. that's what a world-class resort casino at national harbor would mean for maryland.
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>> now, traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> we want to remind you, there is an accident that we are tracking. an area you want to avoid at this hour, with police arriving on the scene. if you want to head out on 70, 66 on southbound 97.
5:45 am
so far, running smoothly. very alights. a nice start on the jfx. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. let's the latest on the buses and trains. >> they are running eight to 10 minutes late. other than that, the lines are looking well. due to construction, the watermen minces still going on. thus, the buses are diverted. facing cold there. the water main repair also.
5:46 am
the subway are looking good, top to bottom. >> thank you. good morning, everyone. not a whole lot happening. we did not expect any weather problems. the front that came through, that is part down to the south. we cannot completely rule out the possibility of a shower or thunderstorms. there's nothing going on around baltimore right now. if you see little thunderstorm pop-up, if you're watching as the delaware state line, if you might give a brief shower to start the day. that should be dissipating our the next hour or two. the best chance, if we will get any thunderstorm activity, will be in the afternoon. 67 victories. a little bit on the muddy side. a forecast for today, a mix of
5:47 am
some clouds. the best chance this afternoon. certainly not a wash out situation. if you're taking the boat out today, watch for lightning. other and that, it will be quiet. overnight tonight, partly cloudy skies. most of you not see any rain. temperatures will drop back down close to 70 degrees. here is the set up. things will not really changed that much. as i mentioned, we have these impulses writing. that will do a couple of things. it will keep the temperature below 90 and give us a chance of a thunderstorm each day. the high temperatures will be in the upper 80's. today, tomorrow, and on wednesday. again, not a washout situation. scattered thunderstorms are possible over the weekend.
5:48 am
sunday would be the best time frame. >> thank you. we are quickly becoming a digital world. and what can bill and the ipad are all threats to the old fashion magazine. >> are you still turning the page of the old style? take a look. >> head to the beach, do they see a digital magazine replacing magazines you can hold in your hand? >> i think eventually we will get there, but you will still have people like myself who likes to feel the pages. read books. feel the books in your hand. >> i just like to hold it. >> some say the analog magazine could disappear. but in a changing world, he is
5:49 am
holding fast. from firearms to fitness. >> is getting tougher. it is nothing like having a magazine in your hand. >> there are reclaimed the old record store. and now people get their music online. how much longer can the new stand survive. it is does not the same. it seems to come down to the feel of a paper magazine. when you can hold or take to the beach. some browsing, some buying. something in support something on fashion. there are some of things you see. >> this has been a gathering place since 1949. he is convinced it digital threat will not bring it down.
5:50 am
>> i believe it will make a strong comeback. >> i agree. >> would you put in the bookshelf at home? 1 ipad? >> there is something about holding a magazine in your hand. but >> 5:50. coming up, we will take a look at the olympic medal. >> coming up in sports. the future is official for brian roberts. plus a record-setting performance. the story straight ahead. >> here is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers.
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>> let's take a look at the official medal count. the united states is second in overall medals with 11. the u.s. has the most silver and bronze medals. italy is in third with seven, followed by south korea. it was certainly a very busy first week in london. >> michael phelps teamed up with other members of the u.s. swim
5:54 am
team. they took silver from other big story lines in competition yesterday. she also broke the world record. >> in synchronized swimming, picks up a silver medal as well. the big story here is the team leader failing to qualify for the all around competition. we will explain why when we take a closer look later this morning. >> coming out today, another big lineup. those for gold again in the 200 meter freestyle. the men's gymnastics team hits the floor. >> while we're in the topic of the olympics, let's get to one of the answers of our water cooler question of the day. >> setting the all-time record. when you consider him the
5:55 am
greatest olympian of all time? who is? >> he says, i have no doubt, but either way, he is the crystalline pin of all time. there will never be another decorated athlete like him. but i think you'll get two more, too. >> of 11 sports. >> good morning. we talk about brian roberts. he made an effort to avoid surgery. he will have hip surgery and officially miss the rest of the season. on sunday, it was spectacular. a the most ever by a taiwanese born pitcher. there he goes with a three-run
5:56 am
start. they avoided the sweep. opening up a key series tonight against the yankees in new york. rouen 400. a wonderful gesture honoring those who died of the tragic shooting in colorado. unbelievable. and for -- and fortunately, the fire caused no damage to people. your winner at the brickyard. have a great day. >> the time now, 5:56. coming up in the next half hour. >> booking for gold, silver, and a bronze. >> i do not think this was the thrill seekers had in mind.
5:57 am
stock at the top of a roller coaster. we will have more. >> i doubt any of those people wanted to twist like this. why they were busting a move at 6:40. >> we have a little bit of rain in the seven-day forecast. >> we are also tracking accidents out there. we will update you on your morning commute.
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better schools. that's what a world-class resort casino at national harbor would mean for maryland. but it won't happen if the special interests get their way. with thousands of local jobs and millions for maryland's schools on the line. we need to fight back. call your lawmakers and tell them to put national harbor on the ballot this november. because it's not up to the special interests, it's up to you.